Groits Garage Customers Looking for Stainless Steel License Plate Frames

If you have been to a local auto parts store lately, the quality of license plate frames continue getting cheaper and cheaper.  Most items are made of cheap plastic that either distort or fade in the sun.   Worse yet are the so called quality frames that turn out to be imported pot metal with chrome plating.  Within a couple of years these frames peal on the west coast, but won’t even last a winter in New England.

License Plate Frames With this dilemma in back in 1996, I set out to find the finest quality license plate frames that would last for years.  During this search, I determined that 304 Stainless Steel was the choice for durability as rust and corrosion didn’t stand a chance.   With some effort, I found a supplier that offered beautiful license frames in a variety of finishes including mirror polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, black powder coated stainless steel and black pearl stainless steel.  My local customers loved them and made Goodspeed Motoring their first stop after a new car purchase.   Best of all they are made in the USA!

As I come to find out, I wasn’t alone in my search for the perfect license plate frame.  Richard Griot of Griots Garage was also searching for the same perfection.  To give credit where credit is due, Richard has a knack for finding the best of the best.  As it turned out, we both chose the same supplier for our quality license frames.

Fast forward many years, it has recently come to my attention that Griots Garage has decided to discontinue these fabulous license plate frames ( item # 10362 ) from their catalog and concentrate on car-care and detailing chemicals.   I have had many calls recently from Griots Garage customers looking for these stainless steel frames.   Don’t Worry!  We at Goodspeed Motoring carry them, and will continue to carry these terrific stainless steel license plate frames.

In addition to our top quality stainless steel license frames, we also offer many matching accessories. These accessories include matching replacement hardware hiders to replace old or missing ones.  These fastener covers are available in matching finishes to all of our frames (matching covers are included with our license frames).  We also carry clear polycarbonate bug shields in both 2 and 4 hole mounting designs to protect your license plate.   Furthermore we offer many of other accessories for the mounting and protection of your license plates.

So if you are a Groits Garage customer who need quality license plate frames for your beloved car, look to Goodspeed Motoring for your license plate frame and accessory needs.

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