HOW TO: Vinyl Top Cleaning and Protecting

Raggtopp Fabric and Vinyl CleanerHaving a convertible is a great advantage living in California.  Spring and fall is just the best time to drop down the top for an afternoon drive.  However as we move into summer, the hot sun can take a toll on a vinyl convertible top. The cleaning and protecting of a vinyl top is vital to increasing its life.  We have tested many products over the years, however Raggtopp has rally cornered the market for cleaning and protecting these sometimes costly surfaces.

aggtopp Fabric and Vinyl CleanerCleaning the vinyl convertible top is needed to remove stubborn dirt from the surface.   Raggtopp Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner will gently remove this grime, especially when used with our Interior and Upholstery Brush.  Simply spray on, and scrub to loosen particles, after scrubbing, just rinse the surface and watch the soiling rinse away. On a heavily soiled top, two applications may be necessary.  Once the top is clean, just continue your washing of the vehicle as necessary and dry.

Raggtopp Vinyl ProtectantAfter washing and drying is completed, I recommend allowing the surface to completely dry for an hour or so before applying Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant.  I have found using a small sponge to apply the product is excellent for even coverage.  Allow the Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant to sit for 30 minutes or so. Follow by using a soft cotton or microfiber towel to burnish the surface to an even sheen.

Raggtopp Vinyl ProtectantAfter wiping the surface to an even sheen, it will have a beautiful low gloss look that is protected from UV rays. This UV protection will protect and greatly extend the life of your vinyl convertible top.  Raggtopp products are recommended by Haartz, the world’s largest maker of convertible tops.

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