HOW TO: Processing Small Parts

Wurth Clean Solve The old saying goes “It’s in the details”.  With any auto restoration project, the small or unseen parts are so important to putting together a top shelf job.  I have personally spent many hours working on items that are not seen once the car is reassembled or only important to the owner.  We have all seen those cars that are what I have termed “door panel restorations”.  Meaning, when you remove the door panel, what sort of awful are you going to find.  This is not how I process a car.

Today’s project focuses on one of those small details of a steel inner sunroof liner.  Again one of those hidden parts, but important to be processed properly.  It was nice unit and rust free, so it was just a simple job of removing the nylon guides, being sure to photograph the item before disassembly.  This will aid the reassembly in the coming months, as I may forget the exact order.  Disassembly was followed by media blasting the entire frame to bare metal.

Wurth VW Grey Lacquer Now that the frame has been completely stripped, I used a small 3” DA sander with a P240 paper to smooth the frame and create a nice finish for painting.  Making sure to wipe the surface with Wurth Clean Solve, to remove any oil or dust, it’s on to the etch priming.

I chose to use the SEM Black Self Etch Primer as the top coat of color is going to be a dark color.  Two light coats with a small flash time between.  This product will guarantee a solid adhesion between the bare metal and the top coat of paint. Speaking of paint, I chose the Wurth VW Grey Lacquer.  It is a close duplication to the original color and sheen.  Two coats of Color and let it dry.  Being a specialty lacquer product, it dries quickly and look better that it did from the factory.

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