HOW TO: Polishing Aluminum with Simichrome

Simichrome Polish It is no secret that polishing aluminum is a labor of love.  Especially when polishing a 147 cubic inch custom V-Twin motor.  I am not going to tell you that I have a magic solution that eliminates all the work.  A polish by its very nature requires friction to remove surface oxidation, tarnish and other imperfections.  Genarally, the more friction, the better the depth and shine.  Now how often you maintain your delicate soft metal surfaces will clearly dictate the amount of effort necessary to bring it into it best possible condition.

So what do we use here at Goodspeed Motoring?  Simple… Simichrome Polish.  Simichrome Polish is made in Germany by Happich.  Happich Simichrome has been a industry standard product for decades.  It is great for all delicate metals, however it is just outstanding for polishing aluminum.  It has a terrific ability to remove oxidation, however is extremely gentle, making it produce a excellent final product.

For this V-twin motor we needed to find solutions to acesss hard to reach areas where bare hands could not access.  For these areas, such as between the cylinder fins, we used our Wood Stem Cotton Tip Applicators to apply a small amount of Simichrome, and used small strips of cotton towel to work the material back and forth until a sutible and even shine was obtained.  Once the proper amount of shine was acheived, we used strips of microfiber towels that were cut down to burnish the metal and remove excess polish.   After the entire motor casing was polished to its best possible shine, we wiped with a small amount of corn starch using a clean microfiber towel. This quick wiping will remove any remaining polishing residue, and increase the shine.  The last step is a quick shot of compressed air to remove any light dust left by the corn starch.

Although the final result did take some time to achieve, however it is nothing less that outstanding!

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