HOW TO: Cold Weather Door Maintenance

During cold weather months even the simple process of opening a car door can be problematic. Either your car door lock cylinder will not properly rotate, or worse yet you cannot open the door even after unlocking it. At Goodspeed Motoring we have several products that will keep everything working properly during these cold winter months.

Wurth Maintenance SprayThe first item to be attended to is lubrication of your door lock cylinders. A lock cylinder is a series of generally brass plates that align when a proper key is inserted. Over time and especially in cold weather these plates do not align or they stick together causing a binding action. If force is applied, a key cylinder can brake forcing an expensive repair. However be careful as to how you lubricate the area. If you use an improper lubricant, you can attract dirt that will cause further wear, or leave the key that you will place in your pocket greasy. We have an excellent solution. Wurth Lock Lube Maintenance Spray. It is specifically designed to lubricate these areas, while not causing the inherent problems of other lubricants. A quick spray into the key opening yields a perfect, smooth tumbler.

Wurth HHS-K High Pressure LubricantNext, be sure to replace the battery in your keyless remote. This is an item that often gets forgotten, until it’s too late. I recommend to replace these small batteries every 24 months. If you are unsure as to replacement, your dealership or independent auto repair shop should be able to help.

Now let’s not forget to lubricate your door hinges, and striker plates. This is very important as cold weather can cause hinge pins to bind, causing wear and tear on the parts. A quick spray with Wurth HHS-K will keep these items working as intended.

Wurth Non-Silcone Cockpit CareLastly, let’s not forget about the door seals. Freezing temperatures can cause a rubber door seal to stick to the painted door jamb. I have seen doors be just about impossible to open, especially doors that are not used every day. This generally leads to an expensive door seal tearing, causing leaking and wind noise. The maintenance is simple. Just lubricate these door seals with Wurth Non-Silicone Cockpit Care. Apply Cockpit care to a small sponge or towel, and wipe the seal thoroughly. This material penetrates the rubber and acts like a slip agent.

With a few moments of time and some easy to use products, you will not be left stranded due to a sticking door.

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