Baby Got New Shoes! – Restoring Porsche Aluminum Wheels

Cleaning Porsche Aluminum Wheels There is a distinct difference between a Porsche owner, and a Porsche guy. Not a single person who thinks of themselves as a Porsche guy would be caught without the alloy crest center caps properly aligned with the valve stem. The proper alignment is to point the bottom tip of the center crest directly to the valve stem. So taboo if they are not aligned, that it is a 1 point deduction per non aligned center crest at a Porsche concours event.

A super original 41,000 mile 1988 Carrera Cabriolet came into our facility this week that needed new tires. The DOT code on the tires showed that they were 14 years old, and in my opinion not safe. I mentioned to the client that I would do a very specific detail mount to the tires and attend to several items that need some correction. A detail mount consists of a super through cleaning of the rims after removal from the vehicle and a hand polishing to the painted and anodized surfaces to restore the finish to like new condition. When we mount the tires, we are careful to align the Michelin logo also with the valve stem. Can you say OCD? Once mounted, we carefully balance the assembly and even use a black powder coated wheel weight to blend with rims original finish. We even dressed the tires on both sides using Wurth Non-Silicone Cockpit Care.

Cleaning Porsche Aluminum Wheels Once the rims were properly restored, we attended to the alloy center caps. They were original, and the black anodized coating was faded and looking worn. We sanded the aluminum finish, and coated the bare surface with SEM Self Etch Primer. Self etch primer ensures proper adhesion between the aluminum and the top coat finish. After the self etching primer has a chance to flash, we top coated the center caps with SEM Original Trim Paint. We applied 3 even coats to each center cap and allowed to dry for 30 minutes. Once dry, we reinstalled them onto our detailed rim and tire assembly.

The final step was to reinstall the rim, hand torque the alloy lug nuts to exactly 94 foot pounds. The final result was a perfect set of alloy wheels on a much deserving car.

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