Detailing a New Car

imageJust because a vehicle is new, doesn’t mean that it does not need to be detailed and preserved. By the time a car is produced, routed, transported and eventually sold to the end user, sometimes 8-16 weeks can pass by. So what’s so important about only 8-16 weeks? Well during this time the paint is subject to environmental fallout, rail dust (during transport) and other pollutants that if left untreated, will damage the paint on your new car. As illustrated in the photo, are contaminates removed from the hood of a 2016 Chevrolet Colorado with only 274 miles.

imageOnce the detailing clay is used to remove the contaminants, then it is important to protect the untreated paint with a quality carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a simple to apply sacrificial coating that is designed to fill microscopic pours in the paint making it smoother and better at repelling water and future contaminates. The periodic use of a quality wax will ensure the long term life of the paint long after the new car smell is gone!

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VW Popout Window Seal Replacement

VW Window Seal Replacement Often time even NOS (New Old Stock) parts can deteriorate with time. Sitting on a shelf for sometimes decades can take their toll. Here we have a pair of New Old Stock popout windows for a 1967 VW beetle. They are in terrific shape with the exception of the outer seal. The seal has become hard and most likely will not mate up with the body properly. Usually these seals will crack or split apart in a short time. So, replacement with a fresh and more pliable seal is necessary.

Removal of the old seal is generally easy. Just pull a section out and the rest will follow. If the seal is hard, trimming the seal with a hobby knife may be necessary. Cut the seal deep to split it apart into two pieces along the length of the seal. Pull the first piece out and the second will generally fall out of the groove.

Once removed, it’s time to install the new seal. New seals have a bonded seam that is to be placed at the split of the window frame. This is located at the front of the frame where the hinge attaches to the car.

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1967 VW Beetle Sunroof Rebuild

VW Sunroof Install Starting in 1965 VW changed the sunroof design for deluxe Beetles from a sliding ragtop design to a metal sunroof which requires a crank of a handle to open and close. Although the sunroof was smaller in overall size, it was much quieter, smoother and more secure than the older design. As with any rebuilding project, preparation is vital for a successful rebuild. Although very difficult to find today, I was fortunate enough to have purchased just about every part necessary for the rebuild many years ago. NOS sunroof parts are just about extinct today, and if you’re lucky enough to find a part, you will pay a heavy price.

The rebuild represented here is my personal 1967 deluxe Beetle that has been in the family for decades. Purchased by my mother in 1976, it was not only my first car, but I also learned how to drive in it.

VW Sunroof Rebuild With the headliner installed, it was time to fill the hole in the roof. I started by preparing the sliding roof panel. Installation of the rear seal was first. These seals are glued in and require a gentle touch to install properly. Notice that there is a grove where it attaches and centers to the sliding panel. Once located, reverse mask the painted surface and lightly sand the paint for proper adhesion. A grey 3M Scotch-Brite pad works well for this operation. Just a few passes is sufficient. Clean with Wurth Clean solve and you’re ready. Apply Wurth Black Weatherstrip Adhesive carefully to both surfaces, wait several minutes for it to properly tack up and bond. Once the locating of the seal is achieved, pull the tape from around the seal, making sure not to alter the position. Now mask the seal so it does not roll up or move in any way. Leave overnight to properly dry.

Next on the agenda is sound proofing. This step is not necessary; however I wanted to decrease the outside road noise so this step is needed. Start again with a grey Scotch-Brite pad and scuff the center area until the gloss has been removed. This aids in adhesion. Now wipe the surface with Wurth Clean Solve. Next, properly cut the Wurth European Sound deadening panels and place. They are self-adhesive and attach very well to a properly prepared panel.

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Groits Garage Customers Looking for Stainless Steel License Plate Frames

If you have been to a local auto parts store lately, the quality of license plate frames continue getting cheaper and cheaper.  Most items are made of cheap plastic that either distort or fade in the sun.   Worse yet are the so called quality frames that turn out to be imported pot metal with chrome plating.  Within a couple of years these frames peal on the west coast, but won’t even last a winter in New England.

License Plate Frames With this dilemma in back in 1996, I set out to find the finest quality license plate frames that would last for years.  During this search, I determined that 304 Stainless Steel was the choice for durability as rust and corrosion didn’t stand a chance.   With some effort, I found a supplier that offered beautiful license frames in a variety of finishes including mirror polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, black powder coated stainless steel and black pearl stainless steel.  My local customers loved them and made Goodspeed Motoring their first stop after a new car purchase.   Best of all they are made in the USA!

As I come to find out, I wasn’t alone in my search for the perfect license plate frame.  Richard Griot of Griots Garage was also searching for the same perfection.  To give credit where credit is due, Richard has a knack for finding the best of the best.  As it turned out, we both chose the same supplier for our quality license frames.

Fast forward many years, it has recently come to my attention that Griots Garage has decided to discontinue these fabulous license plate frames ( item # 10362 ) from their catalog and concentrate on car-care and detailing chemicals.   I have had many calls recently from Griots Garage customers looking for these stainless steel frames.   Don’t Worry!  We at Goodspeed Motoring carry them, and will continue to carry these terrific stainless steel license plate frames.

In addition to our top quality stainless steel license frames, we also offer many matching accessories. These accessories include matching replacement hardware hiders to replace old or missing ones.  These fastener covers are available in matching finishes to all of our frames (matching covers are included with our license frames).  We also carry clear polycarbonate bug shields in both 2 and 4 hole mounting designs to protect your license plate.   Furthermore we offer many of other accessories for the mounting and protection of your license plates.

So if you are a Groits Garage customer who need quality license plate frames for your beloved car, look to Goodspeed Motoring for your license plate frame and accessory needs.

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Non Insulated German Electrical Connentor Crimp Tool

Non Insulated German Electrical Connentor Crimp ToolOur Non Insulated German Electrical Connentor Crimp Tool may look simple, but it provides a quality crimp and is specially used with our German open barrel connectors. A simple hand tool will crimp most of our 6.3mm connectors for a factory look. Using the ISOL crimp at the tip of the tool will even crimp our headlight flag terminals to 12-14 AWG wires. This is the go-to tool for random-sized open barrel crimps. The single-width, non-ratcheting, full-manual crimpers are the way to go for standard open barrel contacts. The single width only closes one part of the contact at a time. And since it’s manual you control the crimp.

Crimps 0.5 – 2.5mm2 wires (14 – 18 AWG)

Please Note: This tool will not crimp 4-6 mm2 terminals.

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HOW TO: Cold Weather Door Maintenance

During cold weather months even the simple process of opening a car door can be problematic. Either your car door lock cylinder will not properly rotate, or worse yet you cannot open the door even after unlocking it. At Goodspeed Motoring we have several products that will keep everything working properly during these cold winter months.

Wurth Maintenance SprayThe first item to be attended to is lubrication of your door lock cylinders. A lock cylinder is a series of generally brass plates that align when a proper key is inserted. Over time and especially in cold weather these plates do not align or they stick together causing a binding action. If force is applied, a key cylinder can brake forcing an expensive repair. However be careful as to how you lubricate the area. If you use an improper lubricant, you can attract dirt that will cause further wear, or leave the key that you will place in your pocket greasy. We have an excellent solution. Wurth Lock Lube Maintenance Spray. It is specifically designed to lubricate these areas, while not causing the inherent problems of other lubricants. A quick spray into the key opening yields a perfect, smooth tumbler.

Wurth HHS-K High Pressure LubricantNext, be sure to replace the battery in your keyless remote. This is an item that often gets forgotten, until it’s too late. I recommend to replace these small batteries every 24 months. If you are unsure as to replacement, your dealership or independent auto repair shop should be able to help.

Now let’s not forget to lubricate your door hinges, and striker plates. This is very important as cold weather can cause hinge pins to bind, causing wear and tear on the parts. A quick spray with Wurth HHS-K will keep these items working as intended.

Wurth Non-Silcone Cockpit CareLastly, let’s not forget about the door seals. Freezing temperatures can cause a rubber door seal to stick to the painted door jamb. I have seen doors be just about impossible to open, especially doors that are not used every day. This generally leads to an expensive door seal tearing, causing leaking and wind noise. The maintenance is simple. Just lubricate these door seals with Wurth Non-Silicone Cockpit Care. Apply Cockpit care to a small sponge or towel, and wipe the seal thoroughly. This material penetrates the rubber and acts like a slip agent.

With a few moments of time and some easy to use products, you will not be left stranded due to a sticking door.

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Tour of Canepa Design

Disneyland for car guys! Bruce Canepa owner and founder of Canepa Design was on hand Saturday October 13, for a special tour of his state of the art facility in Scotts Valley, California. Saturday marked the final “Cars and Coffee” event of the year, so a few friends and clients decided to make the two hour trip from Modesto to Canepa.

Bruce Canepa is a well known racer and a familiar face at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion. In addition to being a racer, he restores and sells collectible vehicles. Although Porsche automobiles are his big passion, he restores many other types of cars from Duesenbergs to Cobras. His restoration facility hosts a body shop, mechanical facility, machine shop as well as a sales showroom. The only item that is not restored on site is chrome and zinc plating. Talk about quality control!!!

Canepa design is passionate about everything being perfect. Even the shop! As I entered the body shop, I noticed that the floors were as clean as the showroom. This attention to detail shows the pride that the employees have here. Bruce is employer to 45 craftsmen who are generally all over 50 years old. His facility is most likely one the the finest in the world, so he has no problem finding talanted restoration experts.

If you find yourself in Scotts Valley California, this is a must see destination.

Canepa design is located at:
4900 Scotts Valley Drive. Scotts Valley, CA. 95066

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HOW TO: Fabric Top Cleaning and Protection

fabric-top-1Summer here in California is just hot!  As we move into summer, the hot sun and UV can take a toll on a fabric convertible top. The cleaning and protecting of a Stayfast canvas fabric top is vital to increasing its life and protecting it from harmful UV rays. We have tested many products over the years, however Raggtopp Fabric and Convertible Top Protectant is really the finest product on the market for cleaning and protecting these often costly surfaces.

fabric-top-3The cleaning of the fabric convertible top is the first step to remove stubborn dirt from the surface.  Using Raggtopp Fabric and Vinyl Top Cleaner will gently remove this grime. Simply spray on, and rub with your hand to loosen particles, after thoroughly rubbing the surface, just rinse the surface and watch the soiling rinse away. On a heavily soiled top, two applications may be necessary and a soft detail brush may be used to loosen stuborn spots. If using a brush, make sure to only scrub with the grain of the material. Once the top is clean, just continue your washing of the vehicle as necessary and dry.

fabric-top-2After washing and drying is completed, I recommend allowing the surface to completely dry for an hour or two before applying Raggtopp Fabric Top Protectant.  Before applying the protectant, I would recommend covering the vehicle with plastic or masking paper to eliminate the protectant from coming in contact with glass or paint.  Although I have not seen any damage resulting from contact, this extra measure of protection is recommended. If any contact is made, just wipe immediately with a microfiber towel to remove. In addition to the vehicle, mask the rear window completely.

fabric-top-4Apply the product using overlapping patterns until the surface is completely covered. Allow the first coat to dry for between 30 minutes to 1 hour before applying a second coat.  Apply the second coat in the opposite direction 90 degrees from the first to be sure to get proper coverage to the entire surface. Allow to dry thoroughly.

After application is complete, remove the masking material and enjoy. This UV protection will protect and greatly extend the life of your vinyl convertible top. Raggtopp products are recommended by Haartz, the world’s largest maker of convertible tops.

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Goodspeed Motoring to Produce Custom License Frame for Yokohama Tire

Modesto, CA June 2012 — Goodspeed Motoring is proud to announce a partnership with Yokohama Tire to produce a custom license plate frame, showcasing the premium tire brand.

Yokohama Tire was established in 1917. Yokohama’s mainstay tire products include tires for passenger cars, trucks and buses, light trucks, mining and construction equipment, industrial vehicles and aircraft, aluminum alloy wheels, and automobile-related components.  Yokohama also has a hand in motor sports and is well known within automotive racing circuits.

Yokohama recently launched an internet store with promotional products for dealers, company representatives and customers who want to showcase the Yokohama brand.  Goodspeed Motoring is pleased to be part of the store by exclusively producing a custom polished 304 stainless steel license frame with the Yokohama logo.  This beautiful frame is laser etched for years of durable use.

Click here to view and purchase.

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Goodspeed Motoring – More Than Just Car Care Products

For over 20 years, Goodspeed Motoring has led the industry in providing quality car care products for your preservation and reconditioning needs. We at Goodspeed Motoring are constantly expanding our product line. Each car care product we sell is extensively tested in our retail detailing facility.

Our collection of detailing supplies includes three of the top brands in the industry; Zymol, Meguiar’s and Auto Magic. Zymol is the finest quality car wax in the world. For over a quarter of a century, Zymol has set the bench mark that all other products have tried to duplicate. Meguiar’s is the most recognized brand in auto detailing for over 100 years and offers the most complete line of products from color sanding paper to final polishes and waxes. Auto Magic is a professional brand that invented the detailing clay bar. Auto Magic is recommended by both GM and Toyota for detailing and reconditioning. Each of these brands brings superb value, quality and performance.

In addition to our detailing products, also carries a collection of reconditioning supplies. SEM and Wurth are just two of the brands that we offer that can bring new life to a neglected vehicle. SEM is the world standard for specialty and trim paints. SEM Original Trim Black is a perfect match for most vehicle wiper arms and trim. Wurth is one of our flagship lines. Wurth offers an incredible collection of specialty paints, lubricants, adhesives and restoration supplies.

So when you need quality detailing and reconditioning supplies, log onto Keep in mind, Goodspeed Motoring is much more than just car care products.

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